Moving Blockchain to the Mainstream

A Regulated, Post-Quantum Secure and Green Blockchain, Developed by World’s Leading Information Security Team.


High security


Blockchain ecosystems depend on unqualified trust. In recent years hard forks and criminal associations have affected the reputation of the entire industry.

To really build trust long-term, we need quantum future-proof security, smart contract security and new secure decentralised exchanges and banks.



Blockchain is a decentralised system that is poorly regulated. However introducing regulation will contradict the core concept of decentralisation.

To unleash its incredible potential we need an intuitive ecosystem-based approach that bridges decentralisation and regulation. We have developed multiple methods and tool-sets to address this key challenge.



The exponential rise of mining energy demands is centralising power, damaging the environment and making regulators hostile.

We need a model that gets everyone on-side, incentivises people and delivers real benefit.

Technology Solution



Regtech-Regulation and Law Abiding Functions Inbuilt

High security

High Security

Post-Quantum and Smart Contract Verification

Green Mining

Green Mining

A Green Mining Model with A New Consensus Scheme, Work your Stake(WyS) incentivises mining similar to PoW, yet requires no excess use of energy 


Research Paper

Consistency in Distributed Databases


Approaching Fair Exchange Without a TTP


The Relationship between CSP‚ FDR and Buchi Automata


Our Team

Prof. Bill Roscoe

Chief Scientist

Professor at University of Oxford and Head of Computer Science Department(2003-2014). He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the Academia Europaea and is an internationally recognised expert on concurrency, computer security and one of the founders of formal verification. He has published nearly 200 academic books and papers, and is the author of about 15 distinct patents, most of them relevant to blockchain and payment technology.

Dr. Bangdao Chen


Pioneering researcher in identification and authentication technologies, as well as payment and communication security. He is the founder of Chieftin Lab, the first Fintech research centre in Shenzhen.

Bangdao has an MSc and DPhil in Computer Science from the University of Oxford. He conducted a two-year Postdoctoral research at the Security Group, Department of Computer Science at the university.

Isaac Livne


Chief Marketing Officer of Quoinblock which aims to bring blockchain to the mainstream. He is also the Co-Founder of leading cybersecurity company CyDefence. Isaac obtained his BA from Oxford University and his Master’s degree from Cambridge University. He is a Freeman of the City of London and sits on a number of non-profit boards.

Pedro Antonino

Chief Engineer

Currently in the process of finalizing his PhD in Computer Science at University of Oxford. Under the supervision of Prof. Bill Roscoe, his thesis investigates techniques for the approximate verification of concurrent systems. In addition to serving as a consultant at IBM France, his diverse learning experience in Brazil, France and UK under the supervision of leading researchers has propelled him to further his contribution to the verification of smart contracts.


Prof. Ivan Martinovic

Information Security

Prof. Cas Cremers

Information Security

Prof. Peter Ryan


Dr. Philippa Hopcroft

Smart Contract Verification

Dr. Thomas Gibson-Robinson

Tools and Programming

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